About this diva
Kimberly Davis/ 20 Years old / Single & Living life/
I am a latina living in New Jersey <3 born and bred in Miami Bubbly, Funny, Honest, Caring, Understanding & Respectful Bitch at me i wont care :)

† Fashion
† Beauty
† Partying
† Music
† Dancing
† Spicy Food
† Sex & Guys

MUST READ: please, please do not send me messages saying how much you want to "do" me, its disgusting and i dont want to know, dont message me asking for my number thats too personal i wont give it out. THANK YOU <3

hey &lt;3
me and my baby &lt;3
(dont send me messages saying &#8220;oh can see your boobs in that picture blah blah&#8221; look you see my tits in almost every picture not my fault okay)
Debating wether i shall get my tongue pierced or not… hmm?
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